Sexual Harassment Claim filed Against Major Retailer

We’re currently pursuing a sexual harassment claim against a major retailer on behalf of a young female who, her lawsuit alleges, was groped and then assaulted by a male coworker. She was left with no choice but to quit, after reporting three incidents of harassment, because the store, shockingly, allowed the male to remain employed.

It was only the second job our client had ever held. While on the job, she alleges, the male on one occasion grabbed her from behind, restricted her movement, and reached around and placed his hand under her breast. On another occasion, he told her that, because she had just turned 18, she was no longer “jailbait,” an inappropriate sexual reference meaning that because she reached the legal age of adulthood, she could engage in lawful consensual sex. On the last occasion, the case alleges, the male surprised our client from behind, wrapped his arms around her to restrict her movement, and ground his crotch into her buttocks.

Our client reported the harassment but could not get a satisfactory response, so she was forced to leave for her own safety. The lawsuit is currently in court.

Sexual harassment remains a serious problem in many workplaces. If you encounter a problem with such harassment, please call us at (800) 663-7999 for a free, private consultation with Jim Garrity about your rights.

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