Jury Awards Our Client $514,000 Against Florida Department of Corrections


A Gainesville, Florida jury awarded our client $514,000.00 late today in a whistleblower-retaliation case against the Florida Department of Corrections.   Our client, a Correctional Probation Specialist, was demoted and then fired after 31 years on the job because she spoke out about wrongdoing in the department.  She’ll be entitled to ask for an additional award for other categories of damages as well.  Prior to trial, the Department offered nothing to settle the case.

Marie Mattox in our firm is the lawyer who handled the case from start to finish, and who persuaded the jury to rule in our client’s favor.  The Department of Corrections was represented by the 150-lawyer firm Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP, which advertises itself as an employment law firm that represents employers only.  The case is Charal Paterson v State of Florida, Department of Corrections, Case No. 1:12-CV-00029-MW-GRJ (N.D. Fla, Gainesville Division).

Congratulations, Marie!

Categories: Retaliation, Whistleblowers

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