Federal Jury Rules in Favor Of Our Client on Race Discrimination Claim


A Florida federal jury ruled in favor of our client late last night, September 17, 2014, finding she was the victim of race discrimination. Tiffany Cruz, Esq. in our firm won the case. Our client, a senior registered nurse, was repeatedly denied promotions and, after complaining of discrimination, was demoted, put on probation and given a work schedule that supervisors knew made it difficult for her to care for grandchildren she was raising.

The lawsuit alleged that our client began working for the Department of Children & Families (DCF) in 2008, as a Senior Registered Nurse Supervisor. During her employment always got above-average evaluations. She was still unable to promote upwards, and believed it was driven by her race.  She filed a grievance, and also complained to an assistant administrator that she was experiencing racial discrimination. Following that complaint, she became the target of several adverse actions by the agency.  As noted above, she was demoted and put on year-long probation.  She was also given a new work schedule that DCF knew would cause our client difficulties because she was raising two grandchildren.  These actions caused her to lose substantial income and benefits.

The case is Garrett v. Dept of Children & Families, 4:13-CV-568-RH-CAS.

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