Need A Lawyer to Protect Your Job or Workplace Rights? You’ve Come to the Right Place.


Thank you for visiting my site.  I fight for Florida and Georgia employees in every kind of workplace matter: discrimination, harassment, retaliation, whistleblower activities, wage and hour violations and just about anything else you can think of.  Call me if you’re encountering problems, need guidance in reporting discrimination or harassment, or need guidance in exercising rights under laws like the FMLA or Americans with Disabilities Act.  And if you’ve regrettably experienced the wrongful loss of your job or other work-related rights, I can help with that as well.

The only thing I can’t do, and won’t do, is help employers.  There are lots of great lawyers already who can and do protect the rights of big companies.

Employees need and deserve a dedicated advocate for them, without worrying whether their lawyer is worried about offending a big company that might hire the lawyer in the future.  That’s why I limit my representation to employees only.

If you’re a Florida or Georgia employee and need help, call me.  I would be glad to talk to you, and there’s never a charge for the initial consultation.




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