FAQ #7: How Much Is My Case Worth?

The value of your employment-related claim will depend on a range of factors, including the type of claim and the specific details of your situation.  It will also depend on what you’ve lost.

But generally speaking, key factors in the value of your claim include:

  • The dollar amount of the wages you’ve lost or are likely to lose;
  • The emotional toll the employer’s misconduct took on you and your family;
  • Your ability to find comparable work;
  • The nature and extend of your employer’s misconduct.

These are just examples.  There are many other factors that we don’t reveal because they are based on our own, decades-long analyses of things that affect the outcome of a case.

There are no hard and fast rules for determining the value of a case.  But we can likely give you an idea of the possible ranges of recoveries for your specific claim.

But even in a case that seems “weak” at first glance, a lawyer with deep expertise can turn it into a powerhouse. A great lawyer can turn lemons into lemonade, and lemonade into champagne.

For example, clients have reached out to Jim Garrity in situations where they couldn’t find any lawyer that would help them.  He took those cases and turned them into six-figure victories.  (In one recent case he recovered almost $500,000 for a client who was earning just $33,000 a year. Read how he did it here.) Garrity has sued thousands of employers and that deep pool of experience has driven up the value of cases he handles.  Employers and insurance companies know he takes cases to trial and will haul them in to get justice, too.

In another case, Mr. Garrity took a case on behalf of a woman who had literally begged lawyers to help her.  No one would, except Jim Garrity.  He defeated her employer at trial and recovered almost $200,000 for her – even though she hadn’t lost a single penny in wages.  And he made the employer pay his fees so his client could keep the full jury verdict.

Questions?  Call us at (800) 663-7999 for a free consultation.  Most questions can be answered in a single phone call.


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