Many Salaried “Managers” Are Entitled to Overtime Pay

If you’re a manager or supervisor who earns less than $500 weekly, odds are high that your employer has failed to pay everything it owes you.

Having a Title Like”Manager” or “Supervisor” Doesn’t Make You Ineligible for Overtime Pay

The reason?  Because most workers earning less than that must be paid overtime regardless of title.  Many employers label employees as “managers” or “supervisors” because they think doing so makes you ineligible for overtime. But that’s not how it works.  If you earn less than $455 a week, you must be paid overtime regardless of your title.  And if you earn more than that, you must still be paid overtime regardless of what you’re called if your employer can’t show that you fall within one of three strict exemptions.

Who Are the Ten Worst at Paying Overtime?

Employers in the following fields are at the top of America’s Ten Worst Employers when it comes to cheating workers on overtime pay:

  1. Personal & Repair Services, including hair and nail salons
  2. Private households
  3. Retail and & Drug Stores
  4. Home Health Care, including home health aides and companions
  5. Apparel & Textile Manufacturing
  6. Residential Construction
  7. Restaurants & Hotels
  8. Grocery Stores
  9. Security, Building & Grounds Services, Maintenance
  10. Food & Furniture manufacturing, Transportation, & Warehousing

How Can We Help?

If you earned or earned less than $500 a week at a job in the last three years, and worked more than 40 hours a week but were not paid overtime, we can help. We can pursue a claim on your behalf for up to double the amount wrongfully withheld from you. And there’s no cost to you. That’s right. We force the employer to pay our fees.

Call us at (800) 663-7999, or message us at, to set up a free consultation. There’s never a charge to talk to us, and if we take your case, we’ll force the employer to pay our fees.  That’s right. It won’t cost you a thing.





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