The Top 3 Reasons Social Security Disability Claims Are Denied

According to statistics from the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA), the top three reasons why applications for Social Security Disability benefits are denied are that:

  1.  The applicant is able to do other work.
  2.  The applicant is able to do the same work they’ve always done.
  3.  The applicant’s impairments aren’t severe enough.

We successfully help our clients win benefits by avoiding these three roadblocks.   While a disabled employee does not need to hire a lawyer to apply for SS-D benefits, it’s risky and unwise to go it alone.  The rules governing applications are highly technical. Words matter. Even slight differences in how disabling conditions are described can lead to years of delay, followed by the permanent denial of benefits.  So if an applicant doesn’t know how to properly describe the conditions, and doesn’t know how to explain their limitations, the application will be denied.

For example, did you know that vocational experts will often use the job of “silver wrapper” to persuade the SSA to deny benefits?  That’s right – silver wrapper, or the job of wrapping silverware. Never mind that only a few places in the country have jobs for that; what matters to the SSA is that some places do. So it’s a real job that does exist. And if you haven’t explained why you can’t do a job that uses nothing but your hands, you’ll lose your benefits.  The way around this is easy and legitimate, if you carefully describe your limits.  Many people who don’t hire experienced employee rights lawyers step right into this kind of trap (and many others the Social Security Administration has waiting for you).

In the last year for which statistics are available, almost a million applicants were issued final binding rejections.  Most did not have experienced employment lawyers to guide them.  The outcome was a disaster for them and for their loved ones.

Thinking About Seeking SS-D Benefits?

Call us at 800-663-7999.  We can represent you at all stages of the claim process before the Social Security Administration.  We’ll make sure your claim has the highest and best possible chance for success.  And we’ll work to avoid the terrible delays you’d experience otherwise.

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