About Those Lawyers On The Billboards and Buses

Ever thought about hiring a lawyer because of an ad you saw on a billboard or city bus? Here are a few things to think about before you decide:

  • You’ll never meet the lawyer in the ad.  That’s true much of the time.  Some lawyers with huge ad budgets actually live and practice in distant cities, states or even regions of the country. Some don’t handle cases at all – they just pass you to lawyers you’ve never heard of but who signed up to take referrals.  The referring law firm collects a fee for the referral.
  • The lawyer that winds up handling your case probably doesn’t have much experience dealing with your problem. Large factory-style practices must advertise for dozens of different cases to pay the bills – dog bites, car accidents, phone-marketing calls, hurricane calls – anything that comes in the door.  Sometimes their lawyers dabble in many areas but lack expertise in any of them.  That’s not good.
  • The lawyer they choose for your case definitely isn’t someone you’d pick. Enough said.
  • The case results mentioned in the ads aren’t from your type of case.  And they might have been a group outcome, with hundreds of thousands sharing very small pieces of the pie.  Billboard and bus lawyers sometimes use “class-action” settlements in their ads to get your attention.  “More than $1 Billion Recovered!” says the ad. What you don’t know is that this number was the total recovery nationwide.  One class action had 1.5 million plaintiffs.  But assume there are just 250,000 people in a class action that settled for $1 billion.  That works out to $4,000 per person, before taxes.
  • The lawyer handling your case has little experience handling any kind of case and trial.   Experience matters.  Ask the lawyer handling your case some basic questions.  How many cases like this have YOU handled?  How many times have YOU handled a full trial in a courtroom as the lead lawyer?  What were the outcomes in YOUR cases? The answers might have you running for the exit.

Jim Garrity’s experience is highly-specialized, deep and easy to learn about.  Click here to read about it.   He limits his practice to employment law and he only represents employees.

If you have a job-related problem or claim, call us at 800-663-7999 to discuss it.  All conferrals are confidential and free. And if we take your case, we won’t charge you anything if there’s no recovery.

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