Pursuing a Discrimination Claim Is Easier Than You Think.


We are often asked, “What do I have to do to pursue a discrimination claim? Is it hard? Will it take a lot of my time?”

The answers are simple. First, it isn’t difficult at all. Our office will smoothly guide you through the process. We’ve sued and defeated thousands of employers, including the world’s largest corporations.  Second, it will have almost no impact on your other affairs.   In fact, in the typical job-related lawsuit, our clients only need to attend two events.  That’s it.

Here’s the basic process:

  • Hire a lawyer who’s a recognized expert in employee rights. Here’s our take on how to find one. And do it as soon as you think you might pursue a claim.  Building a lawsuit is like building a house.  It needs to be done correctly from the very beginning, or the whole thing might collapse on you.  Deadlines might run on you, or you might file papers that don’t say what they need to say to strengthen your claim.  Current employees need independent guidance, not just information from the HR office, whose staff might just be biased in favor of your employer.
  • Choose a case plan that suits your needs. We’ll explain all your options.  Is your claim against a current employer?  We’ll help you make it a smooth process. And if it’s about a former employer, we’ll tell you that works, too.
  • Attend the two key case events. Believe it or not, there are only two key events you’ll likely need to attend.  Each typically takes four to eight hours.
  • Decide whether you want to settle or have your case presented to a jury in a courtroom.  While we take defendants to trial, we also often get excellent settlement offers from employers.  They know our reputation, and a courtroom isn‘t a place where they want to test us.  (Here’s an example of an employer who fought us in court.  We don’t think they’ll be testing Jim Garrity again anytime soon.)

If you’d like to have a free, private consultation about your rights, and about the options you have, please call us at 1-800-663-7999.  There’s never a charge for evaluating your case and explaining your options.  And if we take the case, you won’t owe us anything unless we prevail on your behalf.  We bear that risk, not you.

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