Keep Your Most Marketable Skills Fresh During Periods of Unemployment


Out of work for awhile? Prolonged unemployment itself can hurt chances of finding another job. Many employers have unfairly added “must be currently employed” as a qualification; their view of long-term unemployed workers has been compared to romantic relationships. (“If he’s so desirable, how come he doesn’t have a girlfriend? And why’s he been on for two years?”) One study showed unemployment for six months or more can lower odds of reemployment by 50%. What to do? If you can’t find an identical job, find one that uses the same skill sets. “Stale skills” is the reason most employers point to in explaining why they won’t hire  the long-term unemployed. So keep your key skills fresh and razor sharp. Take a job in another field, or a different job in the same line of work, or even volunteer. Focus not on specific job titles, but on work that uses and builds on your most marketable skills. (And if you’re about to lose your job, start looking now, before separation.)

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