Need Quick Answers About Your Job Rights? We’ll Answer Them. Free.

We’re one of the busiest and most successful employee-rights firms in the country.  We know that employees don’t need to hire us for everything that comes up.  Sometimes they just have some quick questions and they need quick answers.  What they don’t need is a formal appointment, contracts, or fees.

We make it simple.  Quick question? Just call us.  Or privately message us on our Facebook page using the Send Message button.  We’ll answer your questions, fast and 100% free.  Employees tell us all the time that getting our answers without any hassles whatsoever was a lifesaver.  And sometimes, it is.

Let’s face it.  Your bosses have lots of people ready to answer their questions: lawyers, managers, human resource staff, and many others.  You should have someone in your corner, too. And we’re here for you.  We’re an employee-rights firm, dedicated to helping employees whose rights are being denied or violated.  We do not help or represent any employers.

You’ve heard the expression “Knowledge is power.”  Now you can get some of both.  Call us at (800) 663-7999.  You can also email us, or message us on Facebook.

We’re here for you.

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