Behind the Curtain: A Peek At Current Employee-Rights Cases In Florida & Georgia Courts



I’m often asked about the cases I’m handling at any given moment for employees in Florida and Georgia.  People love to know what other employers do (or don’t do) that lead employees to hire me.  So from time to time I post a small sampling, from my heavy caseload of current lawsuits, to provide a glimpse “behind the curtain.”

The list below will give you an idea of cases in progress for Spring 2016.  It’s just a sliver, though.  To include even one sample case under the 50+ laws I use would make this article unreadable. So I’ve just listed examples of some common claims. I’ve not listed any client or employer names, and the summaries are the allegations being made by my clients.  In other words, none of the employers have been found guilty yet of the misconduct.  But all are currently headed toward trial in a Florida or Georgia court.


  • Female Sales Representative Who Objected to Being Paid Less than Male Coworkers Had Her Best Accounts Reassigned And Was Then Fired for Continuing to Object
  • Female Correctional Officer Fired After Reporting Significant Neck and Back Injuries Caused by Male Officers During New-Employee “Hazing” Ritual
  • Female Office Assistant Fired by Walk-In Clinic after Asking for Flexible Schedule To Accommodate Her Family
  • Female ARNPs Sue Hospital for Equal Pay After Learning Male ARNP Coworker Makes $20,000  A Year More For Less Work
  • Pregnant Employee Fired by Sports Chain Just Weeks Before Start of Maternity Leave, For Failing to Attend Surprise “Sunday Meeting” That Boss Scheduled to Occur While Employee Was At Family Funeral
  • Pregnant Employee Harassed by Manager at Fast-Food Chain About Being Single; After Refusing to Resign, She was Fired, Just Before Maternity Leave Began


  • Black Female “Unhired” Once Top Bosses at State Agency Learned She Won Job to Lead High-Profile Unit; Alarmed Bosses Hastily Announced Bogus “Second Round” of Interviews, Then Chose Less-Qualified White Female Instead
  • Black Female Shopper Ejected From Mall and Banned for Two Years by Manager Who Falsely Accused Her of Shoplifting; Shopper Had Just Spent Several Hundreds Dollars, And Still Had Bags and Receipts. Police Agreed with Her, But Mall Still Banned Her
  • Disabled Black Janitorial Employee with Limited Education Sought Simple Work Accommodations; Hospital Instead Presented Him With Social-Security Disability Application, Pressured Him To Sign It, and Then Fired Him
  • Black Male Parks Worker Attacked from Behind by Older White Male Coworker, Then Fired For “Workplace Violence” After Trying to Stop Attack


  • Employee Hired by Large National Retailer Fired After Disclosing Multiple Sclerosis and Requesting Accommodation
  • Janitor With Limp Caused by Surgery Fired After Boss Mocked Him As Walking Like He Was Drunk
  • Nursing Aide Fired After Asking for Time Off To Recover From Surgery
  • Data Entry Clerk Fired After Calling HR and Complaining that Boss Mocked Her Disability and Refused to Provide Accommodations
  • Maintenance Worker at Resort Suffered Broken Leg on the Job, And Was Then Forced to Pay Out of Pocket for Medical Care Because Employer Would Not Submit Workers Comp Claim
  • Cable Installer Fired After Cable Company Refuses to Accommodate Him During Period of Disability

Whistleblower Retaliation

  • Manufacturing-Plant Employee Fired After Complaining that Facility Was Releasing Dangerous Quantities Of Chemicals into Community; Government Regulators Later Fined Plant and Ordered Repairs Costing Millions
  • Paramedic Fired After Complaining that City-Owned Living Quarters Were Filthy, Bug-Infested and Unsafe
  • Nurse Fired After Refusing to Falsify Logs to Show Medical Care had Been Timely Administrated to Patients in Prior Months
  • New Police Officer Fired After Complaining Of Dangerously-Inadequate Training on Firearms and Tasers
  • Female Salesperson Fired For Complaining of Harassment by Boss to HR; Boss Had Warned Her that HR Could Not Stop Him From Firing Her If She Made Complaint
  • Nurse Fired After Refusing to Give Vulnerable Nursing-Home Residents Pills from Unmarked Zip-Lock Lunch Baggie; Nurse from Prior Shift Claimed Sealed Pack Had Just Broken Open; Managers and Director of Nursing Pressured Her to “Just Do It” to Avoid Wasting Pills
  • City Auditor Fired After Reporting That Boss Who Oversaw Publc-Welfare Program was Doling Out Funds on Priority Basis to His Own Relatives, Leaving Others Without
  • Nurse Fired by Assisted-Living Facility After Explaining to Resident’s Family that Facility Had Given Wrong Controlled Substances to Their Mother, and Had Falsified Records to Hide It

Sexual Harassment

  • Female Adminstrative Assistant Fired After Refusing Demands For Sex from Married Boss, and After Boss’ Wife Began Harassing Her As Well
  • Married Male Employee Fired After Refusing Repeated Sexual Demands by Female Boss, Who Made Constant Advances and Would Expose Her Genitals to Him On the Job
  • Pharmacy Cashier’s Hours Cut to Zero After She Refused Sexual Advances by Her Male Pharmacy Manager


  • 65-yr old Package Delivery Driver Fired Because Of Bogus Performance Accusations; Boss Had Actually Confided to Another Person That Driver Was Too Old and He Wanted Someone Younger
  • Doctor’s Office Refuses to Hire 62-Yr Old, Who Had Just Graduated with Honors From Respected Medical Assistant Program; Interviewer Asked If He Could “Keep Up” Because of his Age During Interview

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