Hiring the Wrong Lawyer for Your Employment Case Will Get You Fired. Here’s Why.

The legal profession is wildly overcrowded.  Some law firms, including personal injury firms, are struggling to keep their doors open.  In desperation, they run ads for other work, including employment cases.  “Hire us for your harassment case!,” some ads we’ve seen will scream at you.

This is bad stuff.  Lawyers practicing outside their own field can wreck your case.  Unfortunately, the rules on lawyer advertising don’t require a lawyer to have expertise in the kinds of cases mentioned in their ads.

This week we saw another personal injury firm running a job harassment ad on Facebook. Why they’re running such ads, we don’t know.  But the ad ends with the advice to “Tell your boss you’re going to call [lawyer’s name.]”  To test our concern – because that advice will get you fired, as we explain below – we ran the name of the lawyer mentioned in the ad in a database where federal discrimination cases are listed.  It’s one way to see how much experience a lawyer has in the field of employee rights.  And the result was what we expected: the lawyer’s name doesn’t come up a single time.  By comparison, Jim Garrity has nearly one thousand reported employee rights cases in that database.  That’s right. 1,000, versus 0.  And this doesn’t include Jim’s employment cases in other Florida and Georgia databases. He’s sued thousands of employers.  His case experience is among the top lawyers in the US for discrimination and harassment cases.

Why is It Bad Advice to Tell Your Boss You’re “Going to Call a Lawyer?”

The answer is that just telling your boss you’re going to call a lawyer isn’t protected activity.  In other words, it won’t trigger legal protection against retaliation.  Your boss could (and probably would) fire you on the spot.  We cringed when we saw the ad.  It’s terrible advice.  Worse, some people might actually follow it.  Doing so could cost them both their careers and their cases.

Of course, there are ways to make a complaint that will give you ironclad protection.  We can tell you exactly how to do it.  And that’s the difference between a lawyer with deep, decades-long expertise in employee rights, and one without.

Need A Real Employee Rights Lawyer?  Call Us.

Don’t call personal injury firms pretending to be discrimination and harassment lawyers.  Call Jim Garrity.  We offer free, confidential consultations.  Representing employees in job cases is all we do, and all we’ll ever do.  We’ll talk for as long as it takes, and we’ll be able to answer your questions in the same phone call.  And if we take your case, there’s no fee to you unless we recover for you.

Call (800) 663-7999.  Do it now.


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